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About Us

Our Surgical team consists of

Cardiothoracic Surgeons:
        Mr Aubrey Almeida
        Mr Simon Moten,

        Dr Elli Tutungi,

together with experienced perfusionists and nursing staff from the Epworth Hospital.

We are the first surgeons in Australia to be trained in robotic heart surgery. All members of the team have received extensive training in the robotic system and operative technique at Brody School of Medicine, East Carolina University, USA. This centre has the greatest experience of this technology and is a recognized Minimally Invasive Centre of Excellence.

Our team is the busiest Robotic Cardiac team in the Southern Hemisphere and is currently the second busiest unit in the world. Our results and techniques have been presented at conferences both in Australia and internationally

Mr Aubrey Almeida
Consultant Surgeon, Epworth Hospital, Monash Medical Centre, Jessie McPherson Hospital & Senior Clinical Lecturer Monash University.

Mr Simon Moten
Consultant Surgeon, Epworth Hospital, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Austin Hospital . http://www.ctsnet.org/home/smoten

Dr Elli Tutungi
Co-ordinator, Cardiac Anaesthesia and Deputy Director, Anaesthesia, Monash Medical Centre. Consultant Anaesthetist, Epworth Hospital, Jessie McPherson Hospital, Cabrini Hospital .